Panda Warmer (pictured) and CTG Machine for Maternity plus ECG machine for Urgent Care was funded by the Foundation

New Equipment will Save Lives

The Foundation has recently purchased equipment for Maternity and Urgent Care helping them to meet demand and save lives.

The new equipment includes:

  • Panda Warmer for Maternity – this keeps the baby warm and helps them to breathe. Without this new machine we were at risk of going on by-pass
  • ECG Machine for Urgent Care – the old machine required regular repairs and with up to 15 ECG’s per day, it is a welcome addition
  • CTG Machine for Maternity – this monitors the fetal heartbeat and the uterine contractions during pregnancy and labour which gives clinicians a way to measure fetal wellbeing

The staff in Maternity and Urgent Care were extremely grateful, saying “We now have equipment that is ‘state of the art’, helping us to perform our roles safely while delivering enhanced services to our community”.